Hi and welcome to my online portfolio!


My name is Tessa and I'm a female game developer who is specialized in management and marketing!

I am passionate about ensuring the succesful development of a game and I dedicate my full concentration to overseeing all aspects of that process.


At the moment I am finishing my bachelor studies 'Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment' which focuses on video game and software development while working as a Junior Producer for KING Art Games!


Why don't you take a look at my portfolio?



I am able to lead, inspire and motivate a team while maintaining the enthusiasm for a  project!


Through many smaller  projects I gained a lot of experience  and was able to strengthen my leadership skills as one of only five project managers within our 79-students game development project.   

I improved the time and resource management of our productions while organizing, problemsolving and decision-making all at once!

Event Management


I have gained  experience with  preparation, realization and reviewing of a games conference and even a trade show by developing creative concepts for events as well as the planning of a studio and livestream production.


As an Event Manager at Messe Erfurt GmbH, I worked for six months as an intern and acquired a lot of professional work experience. I also work several times a year at the Volunteer Experience at various events and constantly aim to improve my skills!



I have come more and more to marketing through my experience during my internship, but especially through personal interest.


In several workshops about social media marketing, but also through the cooperation with influencers and promotions for the fair 'MAG' I made first professional experiences! 

I have learned to analyse target groups, develop strategies and implement the full process tied to budgets.